PDR Mobile Solutions exists to simplify the chaos that hails from the unexpected events that Mother Nature throws at us. We connect people with the right resources at the right time by creating a business as usual environment during a catastrophic loss event. Our business as usual focus reminds us that we can’t interrupt the natural flow of repairing cars, only enhance and create efficiency to allow for growth. Our platform products will do the heavy lifting, in essence, we keep our members pushin!

Our Story

This is a pragmatic story, a story not filled with grandeur or triumphant hurdles that we’ve overcome. Our story is about work, about leverage, about technology, and about getting rid of waste. We hail from the automotive industry and are very familiar with the abundance of poor processes when it comes to customers, insurance claims, and simply fixing vehicles.

This is where the pragmatic comes in. We just want to help our members fix more vehicles! We also realize there has to be a paper trail in the process, now digital-trail, so the problem we set out to fix is simple. Make it easy to play in the digital world, for everybody, so our members do their most valued work...push dents. Let’s face it, that’s where the money is! Nothing overly sexy about the story, but we believe that’s what makes us different. We don’t chase shiny objects, or pander to the masses; we create an easy way to get things done.

Our Promise

We will relentlessly develop simple and easy to use tools that allows our members to focus on what really matters to them...the work at hand, 'pushin dents' and making money!